How to build an indestructible Product?!

How to build an indestructible Product?!

I am in this business for quite some time now and given my experience – I have seen and tested a lot of switches!
Every Product seemed to have it’s limitations – especially when it comes to vandalism, environment and lifetime.

However, what I’ve seen in the past 7 month working with a bavarian Company called CAPTRON Electronic put me back into the universe of “nothing is impossible”.

The Team of around 100 people were able to set a new standard for switches in terms of reliability, function and user friendliness.

These guys of passionates, engineers & freaks created a product which is almost indestructible, functions more than 100 Mio. times and fully works on fire or under water. Possible application areas are Traffic & Transport, Industrial Automation & Building Technology – especially in applications where you face

  • harsh environments
  • high activation cycles
  • high customization grade

They apply cruel test to all of their products – just to ensure that they won’t fail in front of their customers – see below video which is PG18+

By just ordering one switch, you can fully customize the product according to your needs and if you happen to reach the “we have not yet done that type of switch” status – you will experience that “nothing is impossible” and “we can do that” approach.

They haven’t really conquered the Automotive Industrie yet – maybe because of the high costs of their switches starting at 65 US$ per piece – on the other hand they might never had the right customers asking for such a  solution, but given their enthusiasm and  “we can do that!” approach I am pretty confident they could…

They have proven their self already within Industrial Automation & Traffic & Transport Industry supplying global accounts such as SIEMENS, BOSCH, M.A.N Buses, EvoBuses using their switches for activation processes, door opening systems and driver dashboard.

My Suggestion is not to try them – but challenge them!

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