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With a passion for HMI products and a hands-on approach, I guide companies to innovate, manufacture and market their products within the Automotive, Traffic & Transport and Industrial Automation industries.

I am a dynamic and enthusiastic leader with a proven track record of creating sustainability. My experience includes identifying business opportunities, developing supportive marketing- and sales strategies and effectively applying them through consistent communication, pro-active leadership and management.

As a creative person with a strong focus on performance and results, I am seeking to cultivate an informal & innovative cross-cultural working environment, where inspiration and commitment to the company and its products are dominant and humour and candour can co-exist.

In the past 10 years of my career I developed extensive skills and expertise within Business Development and General Management throughout various industries, including Automotive, Telecommunications and Advertisement.


Growing small & medium
business since 2006

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Mathias Krostewitz

Chief Executive Officer & President | CAPTRON North America LP
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My Skills


My Expertise


of markets, industries and individual businesses. Identify customer requirements, problems and/or desires. Compare shareholder values with corporate culture & business strategy, analyse business environments, challenge core competences & unique selling points to provide shareholders a clear picture of their business.


of manufacturing businesses for HMI equipment as well as electronic & mechanical components for Industrial Automation, Automotive as well as Traffic & Transport. With a proven track record of ensuring sustainable growth, maximising profits, increasing efficiency & optimising internal processes & workflows.

Strategic Development

of markets, industries and application areas. Defining vision & mission statements for your business, creating a short- and long term strategy & devising a proper business plan with a clear roadmap & milestones. Developing market entry strategies for a sustainable and successful development within NAFTA, APEC, MENA.

Product Development

management of highly innovative design-to-order products. With a strong sense for market trends & requirements I ensure that customer specific orders (DTO) can be adapted to a broader target market by becoming a configure-to-order product (CTO), thereby optimising engineering resources & maximising the return of investment.

Work Experience

  1. CAPTRON North America LP

    Chief Executive Officer & President
    In the light of our efforts to expand globally, we have recently established a subsidiary in White Plain, NY. Our new North American headquarters will support our distributors and customers in the US, Canada and México.
  2. CAPTRON Electronic GmbH

    Head of Business Development
    I am currently leading the business development team for the divisions Industrial Automation, Traffic & Transport & Building Technology.

    My Team and I are responsible for the strategic development of the international sales activities and distribution network. In addition to that, we work on the short- & long term business strategies for our business devisions, perform market & industry research and manage key distributors within NAFTA, APEC & MENA.

    We are also involved in product development and take the lead when products have to be adapted to local market & industry requirements. Last but not least, we establish new processes and workflows for project management, to ensure efficient and on-time product development.

  3. Fund2.Me

    CTO & Co-Founder
    Fund2.Me was a Hong Kong based crowdfunding platform providing local start-up’s access to money and resources for Round 1 & 2 fundings. With a team of professionals, we supported founders like The Chinese Time Keeper, APP Edu & ERI to prepare their pitch & formulate short & long term business goals before and after their crowd funding campaigns.

    Besides being one of the founders, I was responsible for the overall site development from an operational point of view including but not limited to

    • managing the development team for the front- and backend end UI
    • payment processes and management of crowd funding campaigns
    • managing the compliance & regulations department
    • donation & equity backing system.
    • site security

    The incubator and fundraising platform had to go offline due to some significant changes in the HK monetary funding policies.

  4. SATECO Asia Limited

    Regional Manager Asia
    As Regional Manager, I was responsible for the market entry & development to China & India. During my time at SATECO, I
    • Successfully developed company’s market entry strategy into Chinese automotive market including but not limited to Market- and Competition Analysis, Break Even and ROI calculation.
    • Incorporated company as a FICE in Suzhou China with a budget of € 600 investment.  Managed an overall revenue of € 4.5M covering China, India, and Korea.
    • Established internal workflow and project management system based on Lotus Notes.
    • Hired and trained local sales staff including engineering department.
    • Implemented various marketing tools for Chinese market including but not limited to LinkedIn Groups, Newsletter, Chinese Website and Catalogue, which boosted confidence with local automotive suppliers to do business with our organisation.
    • Supported local manufacturing facility in Guangzhou & Beihai – China with more than 2,000 Staff in trouble shooting & TS16949 Audits.
    • Built strong customer base and strengthened relations with international OEM’s in China.
    • Provided personal training to customer’s engineering teams as well as trouble shooting support.
    • Developed customer base of Tier 1 suppliers, such as; VALEO, Delphi, TRW, and KOSTAL to name a few.

  5. MENTOR Electronics & Technology (Shanghai) Ltd.

    Asst. General Manager & General Manager
    After a short transition time as Assistant General Manager from June 2009 until Jan 2010, my responsibility was to turn around the Chinese entity into profitability and maximise the capacity of the manufacturing site in Shanghai.

    Within one year, I had to re-structure the sales and production entirely. I recruited and led a team of 40 staff members covering China, India, and Thailand with an annual budget of €3.20M.  By introducing and applying effective marketing tools, we achieved to increase the revenue by %23 while maintaining a stable EBIT. within 8 months.

    We also managed to change our image from a standard component supplier to a solution provider for electronic components in the Telecommunication, Transportation, and Automotive industry.

  6. NOVADO GmbH (Shanghai) Representative Office

    Chief Representative
    During my time with NOVADO it was a subsidiary of MBG International Premium Brands, which belongs to the Krombacher Group, the largest privately owned Beverage Company in Germany. Its purpose was to handle the merchandising business through local sourcing in China. With internal and external clients such as Perrier, Orangina and Rohde & Schwarz, the company’s annual turnover reached € 4.2 Million.

    The idea of NOVADO was born in 2006 with a simple business plan I sent to 80 industrial and merchandising companies in Germany. Soon after MBG sent me to China with 30.000 EUR in my pocket to set up a local purchasing office.

    Due to our success, we relocated our office to Shanghai in 2007 and NOVADO. Meanwhile we built a team with more than 12 purchasers which were responsible for a purchasing volume of more than 4.5 Mio. EUR.

  7. Assistant General Manager

    Eisbär GmbH
    Beside my full-time Job with Polaris Cap Factory I supported the companies owner in his main business at Eisbaer GmbH in in strategical questions, accounting and cash flow management.
  8. Freelancer in Sales

    Plolaris Cap Factory
    Polaris Cap Factory was specialised in advertisement materials with a strong focus on headgear. When I started working as a freelancer, my focus as in customer acquisition as well as sourcing and purchasing. Within my time at the company we managed to increase the annual sales revenue from 20,000 EUR to 225,000 EUR.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

– Steve Jobs –

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