Project Management

Project Management

With the rapidly increasing amount of projects during my time at Korbmacher, I had to find a solution which increases the efficiency of our staff as much as possible while keeping track of more than 200 projects at a time.

As our business model & strategy was very unique, non of the available software in the market met our requirements and which made us design our own project management solution. As we already used lotus notes as cooperate email solution, we decided to design & implement our solution into it.

The requirement was to build a simple and easy to handle UI which provides important information in a master document, keeping track of critical mile stones, alarms the project manager in case of any conflict or overdue, generating project based and global Gantt charts with individual milestones set on a project basis.

Since we builded our system within the lotus notes domain, we were also able to manage internal- and external communication through emails and to’do’s.

More Features:

  • product- & freight inquiries based on due date & BOM
  • product development features incl. bill of material
  • customer management incl. project offers, orders and invoices
  • incoming & outgoing order management incl. pdf, word & excel export function
  • first article inspection (FAI) through customised forms and workflow
  • department based workflow & todo management
  • Supplier management & auditing

This application includes a workflow system that allows for employee/department tasks to be assigned.

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