Automotive Production and Sales Figures 2014

Automotive Production and Sales Figures 2014

The Chinese Automotive Market continued to grow even though it lost it’s pace (incl. No. 21.07 Mio. Vehicles). Despite the fact that the December figures haven’t been released yet, we can assume that the Chinese Automotive Market grew approx. 5% in 2014 which was mainly driven by local demand.

On the other hand we can assume that the vehicle export (incl. November 808,400) inclined while at the same time more vehicles being imported (incl. October 1.18 Mio.).

Throughout the year, I have monitored the local vehicle production and sales activities for both, passenger and commercial vehicles by month. I were also able to get the latest Export and Import figures which I have included in my statistics – which you can download complimentary.



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