Chinese Automotive Market by Brand


Chinese Automotive Market by Brand

Have you ever asked yourself how the Chinese Automotive Market split up by different Car Brands. In this Article we will answer that question and split up the automotive market by Brand origin. Furthermore we will have a closer look on the German Car makers, their participation in the market and the local manufacturing vs. import ratio.

The research itself took me several month searching various websites for the data and cross checked everything with public Automotive websites. The year of my research is 2011 – but it is still representative for 2012 (except the Japanese car makers which lost a lot of market over their decreasing tensions with the local government.

Brand OriginBelow ranking to is based on sold passenger cars in mainland china, no matter if local manufactured or imported…

No. 1. China with 29.43% Market Share | 4,25 Mio. Cars
No. 2 Japan with 21.30% Market Share | 3,082 Mio. Cars
No. 3 Germany with 21.26% Market Share | 3,077 Mio. Cars
No. 4 USA with 15.38% Market Share | 2,25 Mio. Cars
No  5 Korea with 8.43% Market Share | 1,26 Mio. Cars
No. 6 France with 3.92% Market Share  | 567k Cars

Regardless of Chinas Top position in this ranking, their role in their own home market is relatively low. Compare to other Markets such as the US and or Germany, local car brands dominate the markets. You may download the full analysis by PDF and/or XLS below.

Now let us look a bit closer onto German car manufactures and their RoleGerman Car Maker Sales 2011 in the Chinese car market. With 2.63 (85,57%) local manufactured cars and 444k (14,43%) imported cars they are and will remain a major player in the Chinese automotive market. The diagram on your right shows the Proportion of each car brand and the ratio between imported and local manufactured cars.

It does not surprise that the VW Group (excl. AUDI, SKODA and PORSCHE) dominated this ranking, followed by AUDI, BMW and Mercedes.

You can download the detailed Statistic in pdf and/or excel format by clicking on below download links. After a short registration the files will automatically be download.

China Automotive Data 2012 PDF
China Automotive Data 2012 XLS

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