Haval SUV – designed by Great Wall

Haval SUV – designed by Great Wall

The new Haval H2 SUV has been launched on the Shanghai Auto Show. It is officially still a concept but the production version will basically be the same. The production version of the Haval H2 SUV will hit the Chinese car market near the end of this year, price will range from 90.000 to 110.000 yuan.

The Haval H2 was born as the Great Wall Haval M3 on the 2010 Beijing Auto Show. The next time we saw it was at a dealer presentation in December 2011 where it was renamed Great Wall Haval H2. Great Wall recently announced the ‘Haval’ name will become a separate brand, and so here we have the Haval H2.

haval-h2-china-shanghai-2-4The Haval H2 will be powered by a 1.5 liter four-cylinder with 105hp and 138nm, mated to a 6-speed manual or CVT. Power seems on the low side for such a big and drag-attracting car. We heard Great Wall is also working to fit a 1.5 turbo in the H2, which will have an output of about 135 horses, which will be just adequate.

Haval doesn’t have a real logo yet, which is surprising, a new brand needs a new logo, first of all. I guess everybody at Great Wall was too busy designing all those new SUV’s. Design around the C-pillar similar to new Haval H7. So much chrome but cleaner is cleaning the black roof.

Below you may find a summary of Haval Auto and my personal rating from the Shanghai Autoshow 2013:

Car Brand Haval
Owner Great Wall
Price Class middle segment
Price starting at 11,400 €
Target Audience middle class
Design Rating 1 (low) – 10 (high)
Exterior 8
Interior 8
Innovation Factor high
Exterior High Quality

You can download my summary of the Shanghai Autoshow 2013 under the following link for free.


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