Landwind Jiangling Motors – X5

Landwind Jiangling Motors – X5

The new Landwind X5 SUV was launched on the Chinese auto market on January 4 2013 and is names after hisIMG_1232 big brother the BMW X5.
The price will start around 100.000 yuan. Power comes from a 2.0 turbo with 180hp and 250nm.

Gearbox news now! Landwind said at the Guangzhou show that the X5 was equipped with a for China rather revolutionary 8-speed automatic. At launch however the X5 will be only available with a 6-speed manual. The 8-speed auto will be launched at some time mid-2013. Landwind said earlier on the X5 with the 8-speed would cost around 150.000 yuan. A naturally aspirated 2.0 will be launched in late 2013, bringing the price down to some 90.000 yuan. Size: 4568/1855/1680, wheelbase is 2660.

Below you may find a summary of Landwind Automobiles and my personal rating from the Shanghai Autoshow 2013:

Car Brand Landwind
Owner Jiangling Motors
Price Class middle segment
Price starting at 12,000 €
Target Audience lower class
Design Rating 1 (low) – 10 (high)
Exterior 8
Interior 7
Innovation Factor middle
Exterior O.K.
Interior O.K.

landwind-x5-suv-china-d-5 IMG_1234

You can download my summary of the Shanghai Autoshow 2013 under the following link for free.


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