Lifan Automobiles – the Copycat

Lifan Automobiles – the Copycat

Lifan Group,or Lifan Industry (Group) Company, (SSE: 601777)lifan-630-china-shanghai-1 is a privately owned Chinese motorcycle and automobile manufacturer. Automobile manufacture only began in 2005, with license-built micro vans and a small sedan developed by Lifan themselves.

Based in Chongqing, compact sedans, microvans, and hatchbacks are among its offerings. The company was ranked the 88th largest in China in 2009.Abroad, Lifan may be best known for the small passenger cars it sells in developing overseas markets, but it also makes small dirt bike engines, entry-level motorcycles, mini-vehicles,and small and large commercial trucks. Other interests include manufacture of sports shoes and winemaking.

Lifan’s 2009 automobile sales were a modest 43,000, but the company still managed to place as China’s third largest exporter of cars. 2010 production capacity was estimated to be near 300,000,twice what it had been in 2006.Production capacity figures may consider whole vehicles and engines as discrete.

On the Shanghai Auto Show 2013. they launched there new Lifan 630 which had a good look at Lexus when they designed the grille. lifan-630-china-1The Lifan 630 is not a face-lifted Lifan 620, it is instead a more luxurious and slightly more upmarket variant of the 620. The 620 thus, won’t die yet. This is the Lifan 620 which was at the show as well. Price ranges from 45.900 yuan to 69.900 yuan. Engines: 95hp 1.5 and 106hp 1.6. The Lifan 630. It will be launched on the Chinese car market in the second half of this year. Price will start around 75.000 yuan. Power will come from an upgraded version of the 1.5 which will deliver 103hp and 133nm. The 1.6 won’t be available in the Lifan 630. Too close to the wall for a good shot at the back. Not much changes here, just the design of the lights differs from the 620.

Below you may find a summary of Lifan Automobiles and my personal rating from the Shanghai Autoshow 2013:

Car Brand Lifan
Owner Lifan Group
Price Class low segmet
Price starting at 8,000 €
Lifan 630
Target Audience lower class
Design Rating 1 (low) – 10 (high)
Exterior 2
Interior 2
Innovation Factor Copy
Exterior Cheap
Interior Cheap

You can download my summary of the Shanghai Autoshow 2013 under the following link for free.



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