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During my time with NOVADO it was a subsidiary of MBG International Premium Brands, which belongs to the Krombacher Group, the largest SALITOS_Frigo_Cooler_01privately owned Beverage Company in Germany. Its purpose was to handle the merchandising business through local sourcing in China. With internal and external clients such as Perrier, Orangina and Rohde & Schwarz, the company’s annual turnover reached € 4.2 Million.
The idea of NOVADO was born in 2006 with a simple business plan I sent to 80 industrial and merchandising companies in Germany. Soon after MBG sent me to China with 30.000 EUR in my pocket to set up shop.

During the first 12 months I established an office with 3 purchasers and sourced their existing portfolio of more than 120 merchandising gifts – The requirement was to cut purchasing costs in half. It turns out that we actually cut their purchasing costs by 250%.

Scavi&RayCoolerDue to our success, we relocated our office to Shanghai in 2007 and NOVADO. Meanwhile we built a team with more than 12 purchasers which were responsible for a purchasing volume of more than 4.5 Mio. EUR.

This proved to be quite tricky as all our team were at capacity with our 120 active suppliers (our Database had more than 1400 for various promotional items). We could only communicate via email and/or phone and locally accessed our data. After several weeks spent trying to find a suitable ERP software, I decided to create our own ERP System.

6 months later we had a fantastic system which allowed us to:
– Read/Write & Edit purchase- and freight orders, write offers and calculations – OFFLINE
– Initiate QC Reports and attach them to the related system
– Access all our projects and details such as timeline, milestones

After implementing this system we were back on track and able to focus on our main job as well as developing future products.

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3 thoughts on “NOVADO Advertisement

  1. Hi Mat,

    I am just so happy to see the lovely story of our Novado history. It is full of great momory for me. And I am proud that I had the chance to meet you and work with you.

    For me, it is sad that I have too much unstable situation these days. Anyway, it is nice to see that you are doing better and better.

    My friend, wish you all the best and keep in touch!


  2. Lol, I’m one of the first three purchasers~~~ We had a hard time in the beginning, but we did a good job and suceed finally. Also a lot of fun during that time. This work experience help me a lot.
    Good luck my friend!!!

    1. hallo~~just could not believe that we could contact again…it’s a long time no contact, great to hear from you’s a great time for me in NOVADO, and the best memory in my work experience i could say. wish u everything goes well ~~keep in touch…

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