Chinese Automotive Market 2012

Chinese Automotive Market 2012

Working in the Automotive Market in China has always been exciting and after 2011 with more than 14.47 Mio. Passenger Cars sold, nobody was expecting a further increase. Many of my colleagues were forecasting a light decrease in production and sales of Passenger Cars in China.

Therefore I monitored the market in 2012 closely by every month and cross-checked my Information with Chinese Automotive Websites such as the e China Association of Automobile Manufactures as well as International ones such as Automotive News

According to this research, China sold a total of 19,903,484 Mio. Vehicles (+ 4.04% to 2011) in 2013, which includes 15,49 Mio. Passenger Cars and 3,79 Mio. Commercial Vehicles. Compared to 2011, China sold 1,021,204 Mio. more Units in 2012, which is an increase of 6.59%. At the same time the commercial vehicle Market decreased by 6.41% compared to 2011 with 242,820 less commercial vehicles sold.

SalesFigures20112012 VehiclesIf you click on the diagram on your left, you will see a performance comparison of of all vehicles sold  in 2011 & 2012. Compare the manufacturing data with the sales figures, you will find a relatively small production overlap with only 12,340 vehicles more manufactured than sold. What I am not sure about, if the imported car sales are included in these figures or not.

Now let’s go more into detail as these numbers include the sales and production of both, passenger & commercial vehicles. As the commercial vehicle market is not that interesting yet and quite underdeveloped compared to the passenger car market, I did focus on passenger cars only.

The Diagram on your right shows the market share between passenger & commercial vehicles. MarketSharePassengerCommercial2012
According to that, 80.35 % of the total vehicles sold in 2012 were Passenger Cars, or 15, 49 Mio. Cars. That is compared with 2011 an increase of 1.02 (6.59%) Mio. Passenger Cars, when China sold only 14,47 Mio. Units. With 86.5 Mio. Cars sold in 2012 worldwide , China holds 16.8 % of the Global Market with no signs of a slowing down.

If you want to know more about the Chinese automotive market, such as the Market Share by car brand and/or the import vs. local Manufacturing Ratio, pls. visit my other posts in the News section and/or contact me.

You can download the detailed Statistic in pdf and/or excel format by clicking on below download links.


China Automotive Data 2012
China Automotive Data 2012

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